Paradise Protect Service Plans

Protect Your Solar Energy Investment.

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    Our Paradise Protect Plans offer three levels of protection, including varying levels of ongoing monitoring, system check-ups, and performance analysis. All three plans provide the peace of mind you need at a cost-effective rate.

    Let our team of solar experts ensure that your solar system is running at its peak and you're not missing out on saving money. 

    Paradise Protect Service Plan Options

    Services Included
    Silver Plan
    Paradise Energy Install = $30/yr + $1/kW
    All other installations = $60/yr + $1/kW Price
    - Alert based inverter level monitoring (must be connected to the internet) Services Included
    Gold Plan
    Paradise Energy Install = $100/yr + $2/kW
    All other installations = $150/yr + $2/kW Price
    - Everything from the Silver Plan
    - Annual analysis of the systems' performance, along with recommendations of any needed service Services Included
    Platinum Plan
    Paradise Energy Install = $100/yr + $2/kW + cost of 1 site checkup
    All other installations = $150/yr + $2/kW + cost of 1 site checkup Price
    - Everything from the Gold Plan
    - One annual onsite checkup
    - One annual report Services Included

    Protecting Your Solar System Is Simple.


    Enroll in one of our protection plans today to ensure you're not missing out on saving money.

    Getting started is simple:

    1. Complete the form
    2. Our service team will contact you
    3. You gain peace of mind knowing your investment is protected



    Note: Service plans do not include labor or equipment costs for service calls. Those services will be performed at the current hourly rate provided on the quote before the service is completed. 

    If one of our service plans doesn't meet your needs, we are still available to service and repair your system in the event a failure would occur, or if you desire to improve the performance of your system.

    * If your system is not currently connected to the internet, contact us for an estimate.